Scene Building via Dialog

Here’s the thing, I set out to write this next project without an outline. My plan was to just blast out the words as they came to me and see where the characters took the story. I’ve heard this works. Not for me (so far, anyway). I kinda need to know what’s going to happen or I can’t come up with the connective tissue. So instead of writing a bullet point outline, I thought I’d build scenes one-by-one, but instead of just writing a sentence for what each scene does or going too far and writing it full out and unattached, I tried splitting the difference. I wrote only the dialog.

It was pretty fun, actually. I basically transcribed important conversations between the main character and others in the book. My main concern was that it might end up completely disjointed and random. Or that these conversations would end up being the negative space and no story would develop. In fact, the opposite happened. The conversations all ended up being pretty intense and took me places I never intended to go. In a good way!

So I’m moving forward with this approach. Dialog scenes with little or no description or internal monologue that build into the story. Naturally, not every scene will make it into the final story, but for now, it’s a great way to get a lot of words down fast and generate building blocks for the narrative.

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