In Search of the Perfect Writing Instrument Redux – The G-Blanc!

In a previous post, I laid bare my lust for pens for all to see. I dubbed the Uniball Gel Grip .7 my favorite pen… but everything has changed.

They know what to call them at Office Max

After I wrote that career path post, I had a few minutes to kill so I typed “best pen in the world” into Google. I found a pen mod at that results in the perfect writing instrument. I’m going to re-do it here because there it’s so laden with ads that it takes a while to get through. The basic idea is that you take a $6 Mont Blanc rollerball refill and cut it down so it fits in a Pilot G2. Check it!

Mont Blanc rollerball refills in black ink

You can pick up the Mont Blanc rollerball refills at any big box office supply store, but I found them cheapest at Office Max. $12 for two! Make sure to get the color you want because even though they make black and blue, the packaging is the same for both.







The G2 Limited. Elegance in a cheap pen.

While I was at Target, I grabbed a G2 Limited for $9.99 in smooth, rich person, charcoal design. And a three dollar rebate to boot! This pen takes the standard G2 refills which means it will also fit the modded Mont Blancs, but if you have a G2 lying around then you don’t need the Limited version for this mod. It’s just better suited for signing those seven figure deals. The crappy plastic body of the regular G2 has a smaller circumference, which I like. The Ltd is a little heaver, which I could get used to, but the Mont Blanc refill adds the perfect amount of weight to the cheap plastic G2. So I gotta say even though the G2 Ltd looks so much nicer, I prefer the weight and balance of the plastic body with the MB refill.

So here’s the trick. See the picture below? The top is the out-of-the-package Mont Blanc rollerball refill. The middle is the standard G2 refill. The bottom is the MB with about an 1/8th inch of plastic shaved off the end. That’s it. Just take an Exacto or a utility knife and cut the MB down to match the length of the G2 cartridge. Put it in your G2 body and BAM! The finest writing tool in the universe, in my opinion. The Ltd cost me a total of $16 (minus 3 with the rebate!) and since a pack of 5 G2’s is like 4 bucks, the regular cost under $7.

unmodded MB, G2, and modded MB

I’m really really psyched about this discovery (props to the guy who figured this out, but weaksauce to all the ridiculous ads on instructables). I’ve tried Mont Blanc pens before and while they write amazingly, I never liked the weight and girth of those pens. Too heavy and too fat. No good for long hours of writing. Not to mention they start at around $250! The refills are pricey, but unlike my old fave, the Uniball Gel Grip .7, they last a long time. The ink comes out so smoothly and evenly it looks like a laser printer. The drag is exactly the way I like it, and like I said, the MB with the plastic G2 has a fantastic hand feel. And I rock it a little more mod-supreme since you can see the Mont Blanc label through the clear plastic G2. I’m sold for life. I’ve dubbed it: The G-Blanc!

top: G-Blanc Limited. bottom: G-Blanc.

7 thoughts on “In Search of the Perfect Writing Instrument Redux – The G-Blanc!

  1. Ok. It is on. I’m getting MB refills. I was actually just in the market for refills for my G2s, so this post comes with perfect timing. The way the Mont Blanc logo shows through the G2 body in the picture above, it almost seems like it was meant to be. Nice.

    Please let me try your pen.

  2. This may be way too pedestrian, especially considering that it comes from a guy with penmanship like a 5th grader, but I’m all about the Zebra F-301, or the 301 Compact for pocket carrying. I just can’t seem to get down with the squishy padded grips. . .

  3. I learned this trick online — some Google search not unlike your own. I immediately tried it out, and I love this pen. It was an easy peasy transformation and worked beautifully.

    • Yeah, there’s tutorials for this one all over the place, but I have a bunch of pen nerd friends and I was pretty pumped about it so I did my own.

      Thanks for reading!

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